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Get my Magic Client questionnaire Zapier Integration MiniCourse at half off!
If you crave time-cutting hacks that actually ENHANCE your client experience, while giving you HOURS back, this Zapier mini-course is perfect for you. These guided videos will take you on a step-by-step we'll walk through how to: 
  • set up your client questionnaire in google forms 
  • create your client-facing google slide template 
  • seamlessly connect the two with zapier to magically plop their answers into a gorgeous client-facing document

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  • 1xBrand Shoot Planning MiniCourse£37

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A well-planned brand shoot can do just that with incredible images that showcase the uniqueness of you and your business. My brand shoot planning journey has worked to get loads of clients gorgeous images that elevate their brand. 

Whether you're a brand photographer looking for ideas to refine and/or switch up your processes, or you're a business owner keen on learning more before booking a shoot, this minicourse is jam-packed with details through each step of the process: 
➞ sharing inspo 
➞ building your shot list 
➞ finding locations 
➞ hair/makeup/wardrobe dos & don'ts 
➞ choosing props 
➞ final mental, physical, spacial, & entrepreneurial prep

Here's what you'll learn:
  • what is personal brand photography? 
  • what is a personal brand? 
  • why it's important to show your face 
  • how to find, pin, & share inspiration on pinterest 
  • how to create visuals that showcase your expertise 
  • how to turn your clients' goals, struggles, and fears into images 
  • how to identify your story 
  • the types of photos that business owners need 
  • where to use your photos 
  • what photo sizes are necessary for different platforms
  • the benefits of booking a shoot rental location
  • where to search for rental spaces 
  • what we want inside vs. what we don't want 
  • tips for choosing and shooting outdoors & in cafes
  • tips for booking hair & makeup 
  • where to start with your wardrobe 
  • what types of fabrics and outfits to avoid
  • example prop lists for different industries 
  • how to brand the space & hide distractions with props 
  • tips for bringing pals, pets, and partners