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so...what is this all about??

As a photographer, you provide an in-person service to your clients, so what you're like as a person definitely factors into the client's decision on whether to book with you. Switching the focus of your marketing strategy to highlight who they'll be hiring removes that uncertainty from the potential client's mind and makes that first enquiry call less awkward and more comfortable because they'll feel like they already know you!



prompts sliding into your inbox each week for SIX months



not having to overthink what to create & post 



content creation becomes easier with expert guidance



are you one of those photogs who sits in their car post-shoot, and throws together a last-minute post that barely gets any traction?

it doesn't have to be this way.

I know we often take comfort behind the lens, but standing out and showcasing our human side does wonders for building connection and more often than not, people want to have that connection with a photographer before booking. 

This prompt subscription will not only remind you to plan your content ahead of time, but it will also help you come up with concepts you may never have thought to share. 

And those personality-base posts generally get wayyyy more engagement than that engagement shoot you shared, amiright?? 

(I mean, unless you're sharing sunset Irish cliff sessions with double rainbows and a murmuration of starlings dancing in the background.)


how much does it cost?
only £7/month

in 6 months, that's only £42!




Hi, I'm Gigi


Hi, I’m Gigi! A tea-loving bookworm / all-round nerd with a fondness for 1950s fashion. 

I’m here to help female online service providers brew a delicious personal brand, feel more confident in their marketing, and attract those dreamboat clients everyone’s always banging on about. 

If that sounds like your cup of tea, come say hello over on the ‘gram! 



Hi, I'm Kayleigh


Hi, I'm Kayleigh - lover of green tea, travel, and all things plant-based. 

I'm an international personal brand and retreat photographer shooting bold, ambitious, and creative entrepreneurs and leaders with the goal of helping other photographers do the same so we can elevate the brand photography industry as a whole.


the content prompt subscription...

your path to consistency & trust


sign up today!

this price is a STEAL for how much value is packed in - imagine paying a coach to prompt you for six months!



check your inbox

each week you'll receive three prompts to help you share more of yourself and your personality with your audience



get to planning!

carve out some time to plan and schedule these posts - you'll be grateful you did when things are posting while you're shooting!



This is for you if...

you're a photographer

you're eager to create more connections within your audience

you're ready to show more of you 

you struggle to create content on your own

This is not for you if...

you're not a photographer

you don't see value in sharing yourself with your audience

you are not interested in connecting with your audience

you have no problem creating content


what will you be getting?

This is a 6-month subscription where you'll get a weekly email containing 3 prompts to use on your business socials that week, making your job sooo much easier! 

It takes the pressure off you to come up with dozens of ideas in advance, or trying to think of something on the spot; gets you into a routine of regularly posting personal brand content on socials; and helps you attract clients who absolutely LOVE you as a person! 

 You can use the prompts for talking on your Instagram Stories, Reels, Tiktok, Lives, your captions, a Facebook post, newsletter emails, Linkedin, blog posts... anywhere! 

 And you're getting more than just a list of one-line ideas…

each prompt includes:

  • the prompt itself 
  • a description with suggestions on how to approach it 
  •  the marketing categories it falls into 
  • a 'how it helps' section so you know exactly how it can benefit your business 

 This way you can post intentionally KNOWING that you’re connecting with the clients you’re excited to work with, rather than just hoping for the best.


got questions? we have answers.
  • who is it for?
    This subscription is aimed at photographers whose clients are the end user — e.g. wedding photographers, elopements, engagements, maternity, newborns, families, pets, or personal brand photographers.

    So if your clients are humans, this is the marketing plan for you!
  • how can it help?
    How many times have you been ghosted by a potential client after that initial call or meeting? How often do you end up working with a client you don't really get on with, or who makes things awkward or difficult?

    Well, showing off your personality can help prevent this! By taking off that mask of 'professionalism' and sharing the real you on your business socials, you'll start to attract the kind of clients who LOVE personalities like yours and want YOUR energy at their wedding/event/photoshoot.

    This subscription was designed to help you get started on your personality marketing journey, with weekly ideas to get you used to posting consistently on socials, keep your audience engaged, and seamlessly weave your personality into the way you promote your business.
  • is it for industry pros or newbies?
    Both! Whether you're just getting started or you've been in business for a while, these prompts can help you get into the habit of sharing your personality in a business context.

    Even if you've already started using personality marketing, the subscription can be a great way to take the pressure of coming up with fresh ideas each week off your shoulders!
  • what if I skip a prompt or don't post at all one week?
    That's okay! When and how you use the prompts is entirely up to you. I do recommend sticking to a posting schedule to keep things consistent for your audience, but if you need to skip a day or a week for whatever reason (life happens, I get it!), you can just use them another time.
  • can I see a price breakdown?
    So £42 ÷ 25 weeks = £1.68

    That's less than a latte per week! And less than 60p per prompt!
  • in a nutshell, what am I purchasing?
    You are purchasing 6 months' worth of emails (25 in total), where each email contains 3 marketing prompts.

    You'll be paying for this month by month, and as you are joining a fixed 6-month subscription and therefore agreeing to purchase all 25 emails, all payments need to be made.
  • why do I not get all the prompts upfront?
    In short, to make your life easier!

    If it were a one-time download, you'd have to save it somewhere easily accessible, remember to check it and use it every week, keep yourself accountable, and (let's face it) potentially forget where it is or accidentally skip a week here and there.

    I wanted to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to get into (and stick to) the habit of being present on your business socials several times a week.

    This way, you don't have to check where you're up to on a big list and set reminders for yourself — you just check your emails on your dedicated prompts day and only have one week's worth of personal brand content to think about!
  • can I choose which day of the week I receive my prompts?
    Your prompts will arrive on the same day of the week you started your subscription. For example, if you sign up on a Tuesday, you'll get an email every Tuesday at around the same time you signed up.

    If you'd prefer to receive them on a particular day, it's best to sign up on that day of the week.



think about it...

What if by sharing more of yourself now, you'll attract more clients down the line?

It takes time to get through that know, like, trust track, and JUST sharing your gorgeous client images won't do all the heavy lifting for you (as nice as it would be if that were the case), so imagine what could happen if you start showing up as yourself as well?

Here's what's waiting for you...

weekly reminders to show up and rep your business

12 prompts per month, urging you to create content that connects

6 months of content creation guidance with the expertise of a personal brand mentor


Join the content prompt subscription!

your loving personal content inspiration generator (& nag)

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